Mysteries of the character have continually interested me. My inner has always been that of an inquisitive baby who likes to ask as many questions on the character of factors as may be feasible. Thinking of evolution, what i’ve come to understand is that the universe evolves, like a tree evolves from its seed at the time of introduction, which incorporates all the future development and features within itself in a simple form. The growth and decline of this evolution can be measured with the assist of time as quantities in the shape of years, days and months etc. And the alternative component of best may be explored through the technology of astrology. Astrology then will become a unique problem, which research the most tricky issues of life in an amazingly integrated way. Astrology basically deals with the fine of time.

When i was eleven years of age i began gaining knowledge of astrology at the toes of my maternal grandfather, overdue pt. Raja ram shastri who became a pupil of mythical stature. In october 2000, i started my own astrological consultancy beneath the call of jyotish anveshan kendra and also began writing articles on astrology and other associated fields.

The only query, which i have been requested most regularly as an astrologer, is that, ” do you believe in astrology?” i suppose that i need no longer trust in astrology or disbelieve due to the fact notion is for someone who isn’t always privy to some thing, i recognise that astrology is for actual.

People are a pressured lot these days about astrology as they’re informed one thousand and one various things via some folks who have an effect on their lives in bizarre approaches through print and digital media most of that is trash. One famous fad today is attaching the name of vedic student with one’s call nowadays. One day i asked my maternal grandfather, late pt. Raja ram shastri of what he thought of vedic scholarship, he replied, ” vyakarana is one of the vedangas as a way to take 12 years to read it out on my own after which it’s far to be mastered and alternatively it’s miles best one of the six vedangas each of which is to be then mastered separately. After acquiring all this erudition, one only will become eligible to begin the have a look at of vedas.” what of the scourge of vedic students these days then? I do now not suppose anything else want be said.

Below the inspirational steerage of my maternal grandfather i had additionally end up inclined towards studies paintings within the discipline of astrology. The questions that were raised against astrology in the call of technological know-how with none expertise or investigation in anyway in astrology right made me determined to take rate opposite those so- called rationalists and scientists. Later i also supplied a research paper on the clinical nature of astrology in the third national science convention prepared at npl, pusa in delhi in feb. 2004. My research paper turned into also published within the npl memento. Some of the foremost issues that i addressed in my research paper were: –

  1. Why is astrology required? Natural location of the astrology.
  2. What astrology deals with?
  3. The precise and wrong systems of prediction in astrology.
  4. Contrast of mathematical opportunity and astrology on the level of principle. Why astrology is a better predictive device than mathematical probability?

Some experts in their respective fields like physics, chemistry, nuclear technology, astrophysics and others deluded through what is known in psychology because the ‘transference of talent’ begin condemning astrology without understanding even an iota of what’s astrology. Such people may be given no credibility of their views on astrology. Astrologers are doing no less harm then again as they are trying to create a fake air of mystery of thriller round them and behave as though they have got a divine character and there are others who inside the clothing of modernism begin condemning some thing they may be unable to understand in astrology. Maximum of the astrologers have unfold this misconception nowadays that intuition plays an vital role in astrology and calculations are in spite of everything only a manner of stimulating your instinct. I do now not agree with these people because in case you move with the aid of instinct you do no longer want astrology due to the fact instinct is complete in itself and inside the equal way in case you go through astrology you do now not want instinct because astrology is also whole in itself (in case you know astrology).

What is practiced today is in fact a form of khichdi (hotch-potch) astrology wherein zodiac forecast is widely typical, sade- sathi, sign based lucky stones computerized horoscopes, computerized predictions and other varieties of instant astrology which needs to be completed away with. There’s a super craze for laptop horoscopes nowadays however there may be no awareness concerning its authenticity or otherwise. Sooner or later when i was sitting with a programmer of an astrology software program i commenced noting down the calculations, which have been programmed in the software. When I checked them i discovered that for combustion a restore variety of 15 stages became programmed inside the software program for each planet while the range of levels for combustion range with every planet and it also fluctuates which can be worked out with right distinctive calculations.

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