While I was passing out my humble pocket door flyer in the "Victorian-rich" neighborhood of Ashmont Hill, a couple said to me, "Our pocket doors work fine, but can you repair the sliding doors on our carriage house?"  That repair became part of my "flagship" website  http://www.fixpocketdoors.com   This  (separate) website chronicles the restoration of sliding doors for Victorian carriage houses (coach houses), small stables and garages.
Restoration of carriage house doors
(sliding doors on residential properties)

From June 14, 1990 Boston Globe Magazine
out of date  :-) now offering repairs to carriage house doors & Victorian era garage doors
It appears that radiused tracks for sliding doors was a competitive industry (with the appearance of the automobile).  In the same way - manufacturers had vyed for business in the bustling pocket door market since the 1870s or so.
I suggest that you email me, but if you wish, you can send me a text message (617-792-4676) Texting is the least intrusive way to reach me-if I'm working on doors or fabricating in the shop.          [I don't have mobile email]

Stephen Thorp   Boston, MA
Stephen has credentials..in the 1980s he appeared on WGBH's "This Old House" program (donated work for the Bigelow project in Newton)-Now specializes in sliding doors-knows them backward and forward!! [groan and bear it <:d)]

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Directly below: this shows a non-folding door that, nevertheless, slides around the inside corner of the garage.
  • Incomplete set of wheel assemblies?  Missing hangers?  Ask how I might be able to fabricate or locate replacements.  Send me photos.
  • Broken mechanisms or parts in need of rebuilding? Email details along with good photos.
  • Do you/your contractor require tutoring by email in order to effect a repair?  Inquire.